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Surfing in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka caters for surfers of all levels, offering consistent waves, warm waters, and a variety of surf breaks suitable for beginners and advanced surfers alike. With surf spots on both the east and south coasts, surfers can enjoy optimal conditions throughout the year. The south coast caters well to beginners with its gentle waves and surf schools, while advanced surfers can tackle world-class breaks like those in Arugam Bay. The beautiful beaches and rich local culture enhance the overall surfing experience, making it a must-visit destination for surf enthusiasts seeking adventure and diverse waves.

Tour Details:

  • Private Tour for 10 nights 11 Days

  • Car and Driver throughout the trip

  • Bed and Breakfast Basis

Sunset in Sri Lanka
Day 1 to 4 : Ahangama

Airport – Ahangama approximate travel distance and time | 169km, 2 hours 30min drive

Ahangama, a coastal town on Sri Lanka's southern shores, unveils a laid-back charm against the backdrop of the Indian Ocean. Known for its golden beaches and thriving surf culture, The turquoise waters invite both beginners and seasoned surfers to carve through the waves. Surf schools line the shore, ready to introduce novices to the art of surfing, for the experienced, the offshore breaks promise thrilling moments and the chance to master the dance between board and wave.

Things to Do:

  • Surf this stretch of coast including Weligama. Hikkaduwa & Mirissa

  • Visit the iconic Galle Fort 

  • Whale watching off Mirissa in search of the Blue Whale

  • Visit a turtle hatchery

  • Take up Yoga 

Sunset in Sri Lanka
Day 5: Udawalawe

Ahangama – Udawalawe approximate travel distance and time | 118km, 2 hours drive

Udawalawe, nestled in the southeastern part of Sri Lanka, is a charming city renowned for its proximity to the Udawalawe National Park. The city serves as a gateway to one of the island's premier wildlife sanctuaries, making it a popular destination for nature enthusiasts and wildlife lovers.

Things to Do:

  • Wildlife safari in Udawalawe national park

  • Vist the Elephant transit home rehabilitating displaced and orphaned elephants

Sunset in Sri Lanka
Day 6 to 8: Arugam Bay

Udawalawe – Arugambay approximate travel distance and time | 176km, 4 hours drive

Nestled along the eastern shores of Sri Lanka, Arugam Bay emerges as a coastal haven where the rhythm of the waves and the laid-back charm converge to create an idyllic escape. Renowned as a surfer's paradise, this picturesque bay unfolds as a canvas of natural beauty and chilled out beach town.

Things to Do:

  • Visit the isolated Kumana national Park a wetland paradise.

  • Learn to surf in one of Sri Lanka best surf beaches

  • Enjoy the many relaxed bars and restaurants in Arugam Bay

Sunset in Sri Lanka
Day 9 & 10: Ella

Arugam Bay - Ella approximate travel distance and time | 130km, 3 hours’ drive

Nestled amidst the lush hill country of Sri Lanka, Ella is a picturesque town that captivates visitors with its enchanting beauty and serene ambience. Surrounded by emerald, green tea plantations and embraced by misty mountains, Ella is a haven for nature lovers, adventure seekers, and those yearning for a break from the heat and humidity of the low lands.

Things to Do:

  • Little Adam's Peak a accessible trek offering breathtaking views

  • The Nine Arch bridge, a marvel of engineering and an icon of Ella

  • Hiking to Nil Diya Pokuna, Ella Gap and Ella rock

  • Visit a tea estate

Sunset in Sri Lanka
Day 11: Negombo

Ella – Negombo approximate travel distance and time | 251km, 5 hours drive

Negombo is a vibrant coastal city located on the western coast of Sri Lanka, not far from the Airport. Known for its beautiful sandy beaches and a network of picturesque lagoons.

The city has a rich history, with Portuguese and Dutch colonial influences evident in its architecture and culture.

Things to Do:

  • Relax on Negombo Beach and enjoy the sunset

  • Visit the Dutch Fort in Negombo for a glimpse into its colonial past

  • Discover the Negombo Fish Market for a bustling atmosphere and fresh seafood

  • Explore the Muthurajawela Marsh for bird watching and wildlife spotting

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