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Wild Sri Lanka

Blessed with an abundant and myriad range of fauna which is supported by its great diversity in habitats. The island has an excellent system of well-managed national parks and reserves for game viewing. Sri Lanka is recognised as a global hotspot of biodiversity with hundreds of endemic species. With over 200 species of mammals on the island the big three of Sri Lanka are its elephants, leopards, and sloth bear.  This fully customisable tour covers all the higlights of Sri Lanka with a focus for those passionate nature lovers seeking the natural beauty in the wild places of the world.

Sunset at Beach in Sri Lanka
Day 1: Airport / Negombo

Airport – Negombo approximate travel distance and time | 10km, 30min drive

Negombo is a vibrant coastal city located on the western coast of Sri Lanka, not far from the Airport. Known for its beautiful sandy beaches and a network of picturesque lagoons.

The city has a rich history, with Portuguese and Dutch colonial influences evident in its architecture and culture.

Things to Do:

  • Relax on Negombo Beach and enjoy the sunset

  • Visit the Dutch Fort in Negombo for a glimpse into its colonial past

  • Discover the Negombo Fish Market for a bustling atmosphere and fresh seafood

  • Explore the Muthurajawela Marsh for bird watching and wildlife spotting



Sunset at Beach in Sri Lanka
Day 2 & 3: Kalpitiya

Negombo - Kalpitiya approximate travel distance and time | 145km, 3 hours 30min drive

Kalpitiya is a coastal haven known for its pristine beauty, diverse ecosystems, and vibrant marine life. The region is a captivating blend of serene beaches, expansive lagoons, and lush mangrove forests, making it a sought-after destination for nature lovers and water enthusiasts. The waters off Kalpitiya are famous for large pods of Dolphins and the nearby Kalpitiya Lagoon, surrounded by mangrove swamps, is a sanctuary for birdwatchers, home to a rich variety of avian species

Things to Do:

  • Dolphin & Whale watching trips

  • Kite surf, Windsurfing, or paddle boarding on the lagoon

  • Go birdwatching by boat through the mangroves



Sunset at Beach in Sri Lanka
Day 4 & 5: Wilpattu

Kalpitiya - Wilpattu approximate travel distance and time | 145km, 3 hours 30min drive

Wilpattu National Park is a prominent wildlife reserve located in the northwest coast of Sri Lanka. Renowned for its diverse ecosystems and abundant wildlife, Wilpattu is the largest national park in the country, spanning approximately 1,317 square kilometres. The park is characterized by its unique landscape of dense woodlands, open grassy plains, and numerous lakes, or "villus." Renowned for leopards and bears this is our favourite national park in Sri Lanka.

Things to Do:

  • Wildlife Safari in Wilpattu

  • Thanthirimale. Rajamaha Viharaya is a tranquil 2nd-century temple complex set in nature

  • Village tours



Sunset at Beach in Sri Lanka
Day 6 & 7 : Habarana (Cultural Triangle)

Wilpattua - Habarana approximate travel distance and time | 125km, 3-hour drive

Travel to the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka, home to Minneriya National Park, renowned for its impressive gatherings of elephants. Witness the majestic herds against the backdrop of the park's diverse landscapes, creating a memorable wildlife spectacle Explore the cultural triangle to discover the magnificence & sophistication of the ancient kingdoms of Sri Lanka including several UNESCO world heritage sites

Things to Do;

  • Minneriya National Park - home to the largest herds of elephants on the island.

  • Polonnaruwa (UNESCO world heritage). The well-preserved 11th-century capital of Sri Lanka

  • Dambulla (UNESCO world heritage). The 1st-century cave temple complex

  • Sigiriya (UNESCO world heritage). A 5th-century fortress known as Lion Rock



Sunset at Beach in Sri Lanka
Day 8: Kandy

Harbarana– Kandy approximate travel distance and time | 250km, 2.5 hour drive

Kandy, the hill country capital situated by a lake surrounded by picturesque mountains it was the last capital of the ancient kings of Sri Lanka and has a rich history and tradition of arts, music, and dance.

Things to Do:

  • The Kandy Temple. The 16th-century sanctuary houses a relic believed to be a tooth of the Buddha

  • Explore the Royal Palace of Kandy (The last kingdom of Sri Lanka)

  • Take a stroll around Kandy Lake and enjoy the serene surroundings

  • Visit the Commonwealth War Cemetery

  • Watch a cultural show



Sunset at Beach in Sri Lanka
Day 9 & 10: Nuwara Eliya (Hill Country)

Digana - Nuwara Eliya approximate travel distance and time 101km|3 hour drive

Nestled in the heart of Sri Lanka's Hill Country, Nuwara Eliya is surrounded by mist-covered mountains and lush tea plantations.

Horton Plains National Park is made up of beautiful montane plains and cloud foresst, trek on exhilarating hike to World's End surrounded bu endemic flora until you reach the sheer precipe of 'World's End' and its breathtaking panoramic view of the island from above the clouds  The park is home to many species but notably for the Leopard and the Sambhur deer.

Things to Do

  • Worlds End National Park

  • 18 Holes at the Nuwara Eliya Golf Club

  • Visit a tea estate


Nuwara Eliya

Sunset at Beach in Sri Lanka
Day 11: Ella (Hill Country)

Nuwara Eliya – Ella approximate travel distance and time | 58km, 2 hours’ drive

Nestled amidst the lush hill country of Sri Lanka, Ella is a picturesque town that captivates visitors with its enchanting beauty and serene ambience. Surrounded by emerald, green tea plantations and embraced by misty mountains, Ella is a haven for nature lovers, adventure seekers, and those yearning for a break from the heat and humidity of the low lands.

Things to Do

  • Little Adam's Peak a accessible trek offering breathtaking views

  • The Nine Arch bridge, a marvel of engineering and an icon of Ella

  • Hiking to Nil Diya Pokuna, Ella Gap and Ella rock

  • Visit a tea estate



Sunset at Beach in Sri Lanka
Day 12 & 13: Yala

Ella - Buduruwagala approximate travel distance and time | 38km, 1 hours’ drive
Buduruwagala – Yala approximate travel distance and time | 108km, 3 hours’ driv

Yala, situated on the southeastern coast of Sri Lanka, is primarily known for its renowned Yala National Park. One of the country's most iconic wildlife reserves, celebrated for its diverse ecosystems, including dense jungles, grasslands, and pristine coastlines. Yala is renowned for the high density of its Leopard population making it one of the best places in the world to see this magnificent cat.

Things to Do:

  • Buduruwagala. 10th century colossal rock carving

  • Yala. Safari in Yala National Park



Sunset at Beach in Sri Lanka
Day 14 & 15: Sinharaja

Yala - Sinharajaya approximate travel distance and time | 167km, 5 hours’ drive

Sinharaja Forest Reserve, often referred to as Sinharaja Rainforest, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the last remaining primary rainforests in Sri Lanka. The reserve offers well-maintained trekking trails that take through different forest ecosystems. Guided nature walks provide insights into the rainforest's ecology and natural wonders. The rain forest is renowned for its exceptional biodiversity, housing a high percentage of Sri Lanka's endemic species, including birds, amphibians, reptiles, and butterflies making it a vital conservation area.

Things to Do:

  • Explore the Sinharaja



Sunset at Beach in Sri Lanka
Day 16: Galle & the South Coast

Sinharajaya - Galle approximate travel distance and time | 100km, 3 hours’ drive

Galle, the coastal city on the southwestern tip of Sri Lanka, is a captivating blend of history, culture, and scenic beauty. Steeped in colonial charm and surrounded by the azure waters of the Indian Ocean, Galle is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that invites visitors to explore its living 17th-century Dutch fort with vibrant streets, cafes & restaurants.  Along with the beautiful beaches of the southern coastline, this is one of the highlights of Sri Lanka.

Things to Do:

  • Galle Fort.  The enigmatic 17th century fort with it vibrant streets, shopping and food scene

  • Mirissa. The best place in the world to see the Blue Whale

  • South Coast Beaches. Some of the most beautful in Sri Lanka



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